Special Education Activities Made By Teachers For Teachers 


A group of ESL and special education teachers got together to create material that caters to students with special needs.  Their students were either on the autistic spectrum or deaf.  They tackled the tiered instruction concept, which is a form of differentiation that allows every student to perform at their own level of complexity.  They adapted and modified activities that focus on essential knowledge. These activities allow students to work within their own proximal zone of development in order to succeed in ESL.   


On this site, you will find theme-based high interest activities for elementary cycles 1 to 3.  Each tiered lesson plan provides the ESL competencies to develop, the targeted elements of the progression of learning, the required material, and the scaffolded expectations for each activity.  The lesson plan proposes four levels of complexity:  

  • X+: Students who have a very good understanding of the learning concept  

  • X: Students who are grasping the concept (adapted expectations) 

  • X-1 and X-2: Students who are struggling with the concept (modified expectations) 


We hope that you will find these activities useful for the development of the ESL competencies for your students with special needs. If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please contact the elementary ESL pedagogical consultant at CSSDM Sophie Giroux at giroux.so@csdm.qc.ca.  



Note: The Boardmaker files need the Boardmaker software to be opened.  The pdf version of those files were made available for those who would not have the software. The Notebook files can also be opened in your ActiveInspire (Promethean) environment.  View this video to learn how to do it.